The 500 Supporters' Group

Our primary objective has been to support the Ruben Centre by helping meet its operating costs of more than $850,000 per annum.

The 500 Supporters' Group, via the Edmund Rice Foundation, is proud to have been Ruben's cornerstone donor for almost 20 years now. Since its establishment, the Group has raised in excess of $4,000,000 for the Ruben Centre.

Please join us as we endeavour to continue supporting the wonderful change and developments being achieved via the team at the Ruben Centre. 


Our Journey


  • Organisation established by Noel O'Brien

  • Medical treatment provided from tin sheds


  • Modern medical clinic & facilities opened


  • Water treatment plant & sanitation system installation for Embulbul community

  • Resources block constructed at BBCEC 

  • Physician sponsorship program commences 


  • New medical clinic opened

  • Over 75,000 patients treated at Ruben Medical Centre

  • Fresh water bore & playground opened


  • New block of 24 classrooms opened


  • The Kurt Fearnley Room, children’s Special Needs Unit was opened.


  • Birthing Unit opened at the Clinic, with a fully fitted out ambulance to support emergency cases needing hospital treatment.

“I’ve been involved with The 500 Supporters’ Group since its inception in 2001, and am proud of the work that has already been completed in one of the poorest regions of Nairobi, Kenya.

Much still needs to be done, so, please join us and help the Christian Brothers provide basic health and education
for the poorest people in Africa.”
— Leon Wiegard, OAM